Perfect Farewells

Celebrating Life as They Lived It


About Us

Perfect Farewells is a veteran-owned global cremation ash scattering provider. We produce personal documentaries of each scattering that aid in closure with the family and provides a perfect memorial for you and your family to share.

"Perfect Farewells is aiming to change the way people look at funerals and memorial services by celebrating the life of a loved one in a completely positive nature. We believe that closure can be achieved by giving that special person a service they would have dreamed of having, something that brings tears of joy that can help heal the tears of sorrow. By letting go in the same manner as someone lived and loved we can truly respect their memory and honor their life. I promise to do all in my ability to honor your loved one, your friend, or your pet in a positive and professional manner."     Founder Caleb Beaty

Below are three categories that explain the scattering services we offer. The sky is the limit here and all of our services are completely custom. If you don't see exactly what you have in mind please contact us and tell us what service you have in mind. Feel free to look through our website for inspiration and ideas for your Perfect Farewell. Or if you already have an idea contact me directly below. 

Open Parachute
Ocean Rocks
Watercolor Paints

Forever Young

This is for the adventure seekers, thrill chasers, free spirits and adrenaline junkies. Scattering while sky diving, cliff jumping, rock climbing or any other action packed activity is the perfect way to memorialize. Nothing was too extreme for them, nothing will be too extreme for us.

Return to the Elements

Imagine a scattering on beautiful beach, snow capped mountain range, or a favorite national park. These scattering ideas are for the tranquil explorer. A place the whole family can visit time and time again to pay tribute. A peaceful resting place for your loved one.

Custom Made Art

For the inner artists and crafters we offer a range of cremation mixed pieces. We specialize in cremain mixed paintings and plaster castings/sculptures. Additional ash scattering memorials can be seen here such as tree urns and GPS.


Pet Related Services

Cremation mixed pet statues, paintings and other ways to forever remember your beloved pets.