Creative Ideas and Art

Cremation Ash Mixed paintings and art pieces are a perfect alternative to scattering. Ash mixed art honors and memorializes your loved one while keeping them close to home and visible for the whole family to share. Perfect Farewells team of artists range in style and are passionate about remembering the best of someone through personally dedicated art tributes.

 If you don't see the type of medium, style or expression here please contact us so we can find the perfect artist for you and your loved one to be remembered by.


Cremation Painting

Cremation Paintings are made by mixing ashes into our specially formulated paint and range of substrates (canvas, wood or custom personal objects such as your loved ones surfboard)
Imagine a mural of your longtime household pet above the fire place or an abstract painting from our synesthete Jeremy who paints the emotions and colors of someones spirit.

Paint Cans

Concrete Statue Mixing

Working with local sculptors and formers, we can create almost any mold to mix ashes into concrete or plaster creating a beautiful sculpture. Perfect for placing in a garden, as a decoration or even underwater. Often used to remember a favorite pet.

Mold Making

Cremation Ash Mixed Epoxy

Mixing cremation ashes into beautiful epoxy sculptures is not only beautiful but can be personal due to the customization available in epoxy work. Vases, waves, and other epoxy creations can be a special way to remember your loved one.