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"Truly my hope is that my love for painting and my gift for reading people's emotions will make a frankly kind difference."

Jeremy Sicile-Kira


Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Artist  Bio

San Diego-based intuitive artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira is a synesthete – he sees emotion in color. In 2012, Jeremy (who is autistic and communicates by typing) began to tell others about his dreams: dreams that he was painting the emotions of people into colorful abstract portraits. One night he dreamt that he painted ten of his paintings and had an art show. Jeremy was encouraged by his mother to make this dream come true, and began to paint in real life. In 2016 his first curated solo art show was covered by national and local media, resulting in a sold-out show and many private commissions. Since then, Jeremy has been meeting with  clients in his studio in San Diego, or via Facetime. Jeremy ‘reads’ their colors, then creates beautiful paintings and writes descriptions of the meaning of each color. More recently, Jeremy has been asked  by some clients  to create a mixed ash painting of a loved one who has passed. “Truly I greatly love doing these paintings,” Jeremy shares, “because I believe if I paint the beautiful colors of the soul who has passed I can provide some comfort to those still living and honor their life as well as their passing.”  To create a mixed ash painting and its description, Jeremy watches  videos of the loved one who has passed, and listens as the client  talks  about their lost relative or friend. 

Style and Package

Above is an example of Jeremys work. He paints his dream of those he has read by layering emotion over emotion creating a magnificent array of colors that represents your loved ones soul. Every piece includes a Dream Description where Jeremy writes a description of the colors and their symbolic meanings. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity and any remaining ashes not used in the paintings will be returned separately from the painting. Paintings are ready to be hung on arrival.

Multiple square and rectangular frames o


12x12 - $344 

16x12 - $459

18x24 - $1032

30x30 - $2151

36x36 - $3100 

40x40 - $3824

Jeremy also creates large paintings that can be cut and re-canvased for the whole family can enjoy and share.

*Prices reflect only cremation mixed art, prices for non cremation art may differ

Custom Medias & More

We love painting on custom surfaces to help make these paintings more personal to you and your family. A surfboard, plank from a beloved sailboat, or even a backboard of a basketball net can all be shipped and painted. We are more than honored to assist in any special requests that would make a painting most meaningful to you. Jeremy also provides groups of paintings where his final painting is split into separate paintings. This is perfect for family who all want to share a painting.

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All Videos

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Jeremys Style

Non ash mixed art

The Great Colors of My Best Friend Hands

The Great Colors of My Best Friend Handsome

"I frankly dreamt I painted the colors of my really great friend and dog, Handsome. Handsome is my assistance dog and truly he is my bodyguard for life. Truly he is bright green for the calm feeling he greatly justly  makes me feel. Lavender is for the caring way he helps me. White is for the hope of frankly having calm every day. Purple is for his ability to lead the way on his leash. Red magenta is for the love I have for him. Truly red is for the anxiety I greatly feel at times. Have to say that blue is for the knowledge that Handsome "gets" me. Handsome understands my feelings. Yellow is for how he greets everyone who comes to visit. Frankly great orange represents the fun we have at the beach and with my friends. Silver and gold represent the power of the dog Spirits above shining down."

The Truly Gorgeous Colors of Trevor

"Truly I had a great dream that I painted Trevor and his gorgeous colors. Frankly there was happy yellow representing the happiness that Trevor has in his life. Truly there was orange present for the fun Trevor enjoys daily after school. Greatly pink was abundant for the love Trevor has for his family and that his family has for him. Very much blue is present for the knowledge Trevor has about life.  Truly green represents the calmness Trevor feels when he is surrounded by others. Greatly  white is present for the purity of Trevor's heart. Greatly present, turquoise is for the love of the ocean that he shares with his dad. Frankly Trevor justly is a beautiful soul that his family truly understands. Silver and gold are there representing the true hand of God helping him and his family every day."

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The  Beautiful Colors of Sandra

"Truly I greatly dreamt I painted the beautiful colors of Sandra. Greatly there is mighty purple for the great pride she has in the leadership role she has chosen for her life at work. Truly blue is present for the frankly great knowledge Sandra has about children, and for greatly passing on this knowledge to many. Sandra is a very much caring mother represented by lavender. Greatly Sandra has a big loving heart and frankly truly loves what she does represented by red. White is for the hope of continued success and growth and truly doing what is best for the company she works for. Truly nicely there is orange for the fun Sandra likes to have with her family and friends. Beautiful blue like the sky is for all of the different people and families that Sandra has helped. Nice bright yellow represents the happiness she brings to many people. Truly greatly magenta is there for the empowerment of women in Sandra’s life and the women surrounding her in her life. Truly frankly family is very important to Sandra represented by turquoise. Greatly gold and silver are present representing the great power from above."


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