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Malena Marie

Hyper Realism Painter

Malena Marie is a hyperrealistic portrait painter specializing in the art of capturing the essence of her subject, from people to animals. Her signature black and white style, as well as her colored works, delineate a narrative that goes beyond the portrait, while preserving a visual moment in time on canvas. Self taught, Malena Marie’s paintings are riddled with chaotic dry brush scratches, creating hyper attentive foreground layers that juxtapose heavily blended brush strokes
in the background. What looks like a photograph from afar unveils unrealistic,
unrestricted brush movements up close. Her process begins before touching the canvas, getting to know the depths of her subject’s spirit, personality, beliefs and quirks; each of which play a key role in shaping the portrait and the special touches infused along the

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11x14” -$506 

12x16” -$621 

16x20” -$997

18x24” -$1,337 

20x24” -$1,480 

24x30” -$2,195

30x40” -$3,590

36x48” -$5,121

48x60” -$8,452

Custom canvas size and framing requests welcome! 

*Shipping and taxes not included.

Malenas Inspiration

“Playing a small part in preserving the essence of a loved one is such an honor to be able to do for families and friends. You can truly feel how loved they were when loved ones speak about the memories, experiences and laughs they shared. My goal is to capture those stories in a cremation painting that will spark joy for many years to come.”

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More About Malena

A small-town Iowa native, Malena Marie paints from her studio in Southern California.

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