How Our Process Works 

Step 1: We get to know eachother and most importantly I get to know your lost loved one over a series of face to face meetings or phone/video calls with you and your family. 

Step 2: We plan the perfect final memorial together centered around the life of your loved one. This can include any wishes he/she may have had, location, scattering method, special requests from the family, and can be as specific as the clothes I wear for the scattering. ​

Step 3: Perfect Farewells will apply for all necessary permits and permissions.

Step 4: Upon approval of permits and when you are 100% comfortable with our scattering plan, you'll send the cremation ashes to our office using the stickers, addresses and directions we provide you along with the initial payment. 

Our Responsibility: We dedicate every scattering to your loved one. We keep the atmosphere warm and positive, focusing on celebrating the life they lived and honoring the wishes of the family or the loved one in each scattering. 

Every scattering is as unique as the person we are honoring. No matter how big, how far, how extraordinary, we will go for you, we will go for them.

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Caleb Beaty

Founder and Owner

Caleb grew up in a small farm town in Selma, Indiana. After highschool he joined the U.S. Navy. He served aboard the USS Hopper (DDG 70) for three years completing one deployment in the Gulf. After honorably completing his 4 year contract he bought land in the mountains of Tennessee where he lives off grid during the summer months building a self-sustainable log cabin with his shipmate from the Navy. During the winter months Caleb attends college full time in San Diego while running Perfect Farewells. In his free time he enjoys traveling abroad, learning new skills, unplugging and getting closer to nature.


Scott Christie

Head Videographer 

Scott and Caleb attended the same high-school. After graduation Scott moved to the East Coast and earned a degree in business marketing. After working for a major marketing company on Wall Street he pursued his dream of owning his own cinema production company and started Xinema Media. Perfect Farewells and Xinema Media work hand in hand to provide the highest quality video content available. In Scotts free time he enjoys working with different forms of photography and challenging himself as a producer and video editor.



Q: How do we ship the cremains?

A: We will send you a pre-addressed plastic lined box for your loved ones cremains to be transferred into. Then relabel the shipping address using a provided pre-addressed sticker, tape closed and drop off. This also requires special paperwork depending on which state you live in. For more legal information please take a look at our Legal Documentation Page

Q: How much does a typical service cost?

A: Every service is totally unique so it can vary greatly. Typical costs range from $2500-$10,000 for ash scatterings. Ash mixed art prices are located by size and artist on our Cremation Art Page.

Q: Do you offer discounts or payment plans?

A: We are proud to offer military, police/EMS/fire, charity/nonprofit, teacher, special education professionals and families with special needs children discounts. 

We do provide payment plans, these plans vary from product to product. 

Q: What is your final product?

A: We work with you to fulfill any requests you have in terms of the scattering. We video the entire journey and create a beautiful short documentary of the scattering as well as provide a copy of all the raw footage creating complete transparency in our work with our customers. We also offer additions to the scattering including GPS stones, special biodegradable urns (if burial or scattering at sea is requested). Additionally we offer totally custom cremain mixed art. I hope this answers your question.

Q: I want to use your video in my brothers memorial service, how quickly can you complete a service?

A: After receiving the cremains we finish the scattering within a week unless otherwise specified (often do to weather restrictions). It takes an additional 1-2 weeks to edit and create each personal documentary. 

Q: Why should I trust you with my husbands ashes?

A: This might be the most important question you can ask. I have been scattering ashes of friends and family for over three years before creating Perfect Farewells. I'm a small business, only me and my camera crew work with your loved ones cremains. I promise you my full commitment, professionalism and respect. We video document every step of the possess and provide you unedited footage of the journey as well as our production video. This creates a completely transparent relationship between me and my customers, who often times become my friends. Please contact me directly so we can talk face to face and start to build a trusting relationship. 


Privacy Policy


Perfect Farewells is committed to protecting the data collected pertaining to our users. This policy details the collection, use, and protection of personal information we receive from site visitors and customers. 

Pictures and Video Consent

All photos and videos on our website and any advertisements used to promote Perfect Farewells have been approved by the families and customers prior to being shared or posted.

We thank these customers for the permission to use these photos to promote our business and share what we offer so others can understand and enjoy our services.

Data Collection

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