Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Abstract/Aura Reading

Jeremy is a synesthete – he sees emotion in color and also has autism. He is a successful thriving San Diego artist with a passion to use his talent to create abstract paintings symbolizing the aura of your loved one

Malena Marie

Hyper-Realism Painter

Malena Marie is a hyperrealistic portrait painter specializing in the art of capturing the essence of her subject, from people to animals. Her signature black and white style, as well as her colored works, delineate a narrative that goes beyond the portrait, while preserving a visual moment in time on canvas.

Malena Marie_edited.jpg
steph face shopify_edited.jpg

Stephanie Clair

Romance Painter

Stephanie Clair is described as an artist of the people; dreamy landscapes, lovers, musicians, and families fill her canvases.  Her bright colors, positive reflections and soulful moments put ones mind at peace.